Scrap Merchant Smithfield

Are you in urgent need of a professional service specializing in scrap metal in Smithfield? Your search ends here, as Sydney Copper Recycling is dedicated to comprehensively addressing all your requirements from the outset, along with offering an extensive range of services.

Get Top Prices for Selling Scrap Metal in Smithfield

The opportunity to sell your accumulation of scrap metal significantly high price is rare. This is precisely where Sydney Copper Recycling steps in, illuminating your day with a comprehensive array of services and products. Rest assured, our market-leading prices are tailored to offer you the best value.

Smithfield’s Premier Wrecking Yard

Securing a proficient wrecking yard, especially one with years of experience and professionalism, can be a daunting task. In Smithfield, however, Sydney Copper Recycling presents the ideal solution. Our services extend beyond expectations, and we stand just a phone call away to provide detailed information.

Connect with Us to Sell Scrap Metal in Smithfield, NSW

Sydney Copper Recycling doesn’t merely excel in scrap metal services; we take pride in our exceptional and professional team that attends to every aspect of your needs. The moment you reach out to us, our team takes the reins, ensuring all your requirements are addressed with precision and care.

Your satisfaction is our commitment. Give us a call, and we’ll seamlessly manage the rest, leaving no stone unturned to fulfill your demands. and offer you top dollar on unwanted scrap.


Q.1 How can I Avail free Transport Services for my Scrap Metal?

You can easily avail of free transport services for your scrap metal if you have a sizeable amount of metal. However, we need to know which kind of metal and in which form it is available at your end to determine if you can avail of free delivery. Do not stress, simply call us and tell us what you have. We will work out a solution to get the scrap metal to us together. In case you decide that you want to drop it off at our facility, we strongly suggest that you handle everything with protective gear on.

Q.2 What do Scrap Merchants do with the Metal once they have Bought it?

Once we buy the scrap metal items, we sort the items and extract the metals using our specialized tools and highly trained workforce. If the customer has sorted the metals already and has extracted the parts, we take the scrap metal for cleaning and ensuring that there is one kind of metal in one place. The metal scrap is melted and taken through further processing. It is then shaped so that it can be transported to the industrial units that require them.