Free Car Removal

We ensure eco-friendly recycling of scrap cars

Free Car Scrap Removal in Sydney

Do you have a broken, unwanted, or scraped car? You can now get rid of car scrap free of cost! Removing the car scarp is just one call away! We offer a free car scrap removal service in Sydney at any time of the year. The experts will analyse the condition of the scrap car and tell you how much we can pay you for it! Yes, we pay good for the scrap cars and also let you ensure cleaning of polluting metal scrap from the land.

ATTENTION all SYDNEY siders! We are willing to pay you good for your scrap car and FREE car pick-up service. At Scrap Merchant Sydney, we pay cash for your unwanted car of any age and condition. Our fast and friendly car removal service is for all Sydney suburbs at convenient times. We ensure hassle-free car scrap removal with a single call. For us, no vehicle is worthless, even it has been broken into pieces, and all that is left is a shell!

Free Car Removal

We accept and pay you

Opt for our free car removal company and we will happily tow the car away while leaving you with good money in your pocket. The car removal in Sydney process is simple, yet greatly effective!

  • Rusted Cars
  • Salvage Cars
  • Used Cars
  • Wrecked Cars
  • New Cars
  • Broken Cars
  • Abandoned Cars
  • Heavy-duty Vehicles
  • Any other kind of cars or vehicles

What Our Clients Say

Abbas Rizvi

“Excellent service and smooth payment for the scrap they collected from my yard”

Abbas Rizvi


Arthur D’Silva

“For me scrap and recycle was something I was not aware of , did few google searches and got in touch with Local Scrap metal … All I can say it was nothing but total peace of mind dealing with them”

Arthur D'Silva


Khappa Khan

“Local Scrap Metal is very professional to deal with it. I was extremely delighted as I got a fantastic quote, more than what I thought … highly recommended “

Khappa Khan


Suzanne Fakhri

“Recently got the renovation done, and had a lot of waste sitting. I was advised to scrap it and got in touch with Local Scrap Metal. Very polite and straight forward, their rate was better than the few I called. Payment was cash so no issues, i recommend them for sure”

Suzanne Fakhri

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