Responsible recycling of industrial and residential scrap metal

Free Scrap Metal Pick-Up in Sydney

Scrap Merchant Sydney is Sydney’s leading scrap metal pick-up specialist. We service factories, manufacturing hubs, homes, and businesses, replacing your unwanted scrap metal with money! The free scrap metal service includes – supply of bins, delivering them to your site, and collecting it at your convenience.

We collect and recycle all kinds of metal, both ferrous and non-ferrous, including stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium, and more. Our expertise in removing unsightly scrap metal from factory sites and residential areas makes the service the most desirable ones in the region! The company has the tools to sustainably recycle the metal waste, and offer the best price for all metal exchanged. We have bins of all sizes and are equipped to handle scrap metal of sizes & weight!

Free Car Removal

Free Site Waste Metal Pick-Up

Call us on 0401 493 286 to ensure that your scrap metal is taken care of in the best possible way!

  • Our experts can help you reduce the factory’s footprint with sustainable scrap metal recycling! We pick up the scrap metal from your place free of cost. Rest assured to get competitive scrap metal prices for a range of materials.
  • We take in metals to ensure all aspects of the recycling process in the best possible manner! We take all the essential steps from cleaning to scrapping to prevent harming our environment in the process. Do you have vehicles to be picked up? We pick up your scrap vehicle for free other than scrap metals.

What Our Clients Say

Abbas Rizvi

“Excellent service and smooth payment for the scrap they collected from my yard”

Abbas Rizvi


Arthur D’Silva

“For me scrap and recycle was something I was not aware of , did few google searches and got in touch with Local Scrap metal … All I can say it was nothing but total peace of mind dealing with them”

Arthur D'Silva


Khappa Khan

“Local Scrap Metal is very professional to deal with it. I was extremely delighted as I got a fantastic quote, more than what I thought … highly recommended “

Khappa Khan


Suzanne Fakhri

“Recently got the renovation done, and had a lot of waste sitting. I was advised to scrap it and got in touch with Local Scrap Metal. Very polite and straight forward, their rate was better than the few I called. Payment was cash so no issues, i recommend them for sure”

Suzanne Fakhri

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